What Is Our Legacy Going To Be?

By Greg Kronz
Rector, St. Luke’s Church

pastorDear Parish Family,

At St. Luke’s Church we have a marvelous 280-year history of individual perseverance, faithful stewardship and steadfast love for our Savior Jesus Christ. Our church today stands as clear evidence of God’s blessings.

We are indeed eternally grateful for those who went before us from when the church was planted in the 1700s to its resurrection in the 1960s. Steadfast Christians from those generations built facilities beyond their own needs. They sacrificed time, energy and finances to provide a precious legacy. Their demonstration of faith and commitment has, in turn, entrusted to us the opportunity to minister to an even needier world.

We are exceedingly joyful about the recent court favorable decision that allows us to move forward on improvements that we heretofore had put off, not wanting to invest in a property that could potentially be at risk.

Our Lord has provided us with this wonderful Pope Avenue location and beautiful sanctuary. The reality however is that for us to move forward effectively to enhance both present and future ministries as well as provide for safety needs and aesthetics, we must make necessary improvements to our facilities and grounds.

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